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    Classic name for Baby Girl #3!

    Hi! I'm new here to the Nameberry community, though I do visit this site frequently to check out the latest blogs and such. I'm a mother to 3 beautiful children, soon to be 4! My husband and I have always knew what we were going to name our kids- that was when we only wanted 2. Now we have the difficult decision in naming our 3rd daughter. Our style is more towards classic and elegant names rather than the modern ones that you see used up in every variation and spelling that you can possibly think of. We have names that we could see us using but making the actual commitment to name our daughter is harder than it looks.

    Our daughter's names are Beatrix Jean "Bea" & Josephine Maude "Josie". Our sons' name is Oliver "Ollie" Paul.

    As you can see we really love long names with nickname (Nothing of teasing potential.)


    Cordelia "Delia"
    Charlotte "Lottie"
    Penelope "Nellie"
    Eleanor "Ellie"
    Violet "Vi"
    Mirabella "Mia"

    Middle name will be either Margaret or Ann.

    Thank you so much Berries!

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    I don't think you can really go wrong with any name on your list. But my first choice would be Violet. I think it compliments your other kids names, and it's gorgeous. A close second would be Penelope.
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    I think a little Lucy would go perfectly with your sibling set.

    Lucy Ann or Lucy Margaret would both work fine.
    Expecting boy #2 this summer

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    Love your kid's names!

    I like your list a lot, I wound take off Mirabella/Mia though, it doesn't really fit with your classic style...while it's lovely, the bella ending and the Mia nn have a trendy vibe, not classic and timeless like your other choices.

    I like Cordelia, Penelope, Eleanor, and Violet best with your sibset. Lucy is cute but lacks the nn thing. I also think Margaret or Marguerite would be delightful, with Meg/Maggie/Maisie/Daisy nn options...

    Other ideas:
    Helena, nn Nell/Nellie
    Dorothy, nn Dot
    Theresa, nn Tess
    Annabel, nn Annie
    Philippa, nn Pippa
    Wilhelmina, nn Willa
    Eloise, nn Ellie or Lulu
    Katherine, nn Kitty or Kate
    Elizabeth, nn Lizzie, Bess, etc.
    Camilla, nn Millie
    Harriet, nn Hattie

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    Welcome to Nameberry posting! You have great names on your list, and your kiddos names are great!

    From your list I particularly like Eleanor "Ellie", Cordelia "Delia", and Violet "Vi", I don't think you can go wrong with any of those.

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