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    We strongly considered using Diego as a mn for a boy. It was the front-runner for most of the first half of the pregnancy. We've decided on something else, but I'm keeping it mind if I ever have more babies.
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    I actually have thought about it. There are several states and city names I love. Virginia is a family name which I may bring back. Actually no one from that side of the family as far as I know is from Virginia. But I may update it with Ginevra.
    There are also some cities names for boys, although most of them not nearby.

    I looked it up once there are fourteen states names including Dakota and Carolina that appear or appeared in the top 1000. They are Arizona, Carolina, Dakota, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri,(this seemed the hardest to believe for me), Montana, Nevada, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington. Washington I think has more to do with president.

    Anyway I also like to look up random names on our digital map and see if there are cities with those names. For example there's am Emilee, Texas and Emily, MN. Just goes to show any name can be town.
    I like this post.
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    My hometown is near Charlotte, NC, and I would use Charlotte for a girl as a fn or mn. I knew a Charlotte in high school, but for the record our addresses are not Charlotte. We were a short drive from the city, though.
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    My only avaliable names would be [New] Jersey & Hoboken. Hoboken isn't even a name, but I like how it sounds and a while back I actually thought it would make a cute name... so I guess it's on the super guilty pleasure list. Plus Jersey sounds like an ugly name. I could always name them after my heritage, but to me Cuba sounds like a girls name even though it's probably in the boys camp. So no.
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    Georgia, not since I live in the state. If we moved across the country, maybe.
    Tennessee is a guilty pleasure middle for either a boy or a girl, but not sure if I'd use it in reality. It'd be for Tennessee Williams, but with the state university rivalries between Georgia and Tennessee, it might be a little odd. Similarly with Carolina, which is a name i really like, but might be (hopefully) moving to South Carolina, so maybe only as a middle. This also stands for Charles (Charleston), but it's not a favorite name anyway .
    It's been ten years since I've lived in alexandria, and with more time passing the odds of ever using it are rising. However, I have so many other girl names on my list that I'd probably not get around to picking it.
    There are a zillion counties in Georgia, and some of them are kinda neat names. I don't know half of them by heart, but i wouldn't not use a name i liked because it was also a county name. (states are a little move obviously place names, which would give me pause.)

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