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    I can't see Sheffield working that well as a name, the little towns closer to where I live would be even worse names. However, I used to live near a place called Blythe and quite a lot of people seem to like that as a name.

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    I do like Dallas, but I didn't enjoy living there. I'd feel weird using it as a name because of that.

    Besides Dallas, there are a number of Texas cities that are well used as names by Texans, like Austin, Houston, and Tyler. Funny, though, there are some town names that just don't seem to be catching on, like Frognot, Kickapoo, Ding Dong, Muleshoe, and Cut and Shoot. I wonder why....

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    While there are some names of places where I have lived that I would absolutely consider (Mercer, Fife, Richmond), I would not use them if I was still living in that place. I lived in Virginia for a few years and met 3 Virginias while I was there and it always seemed kind of strange!

    I also would be hesitant to use the name of a place on purpose if I had never been there even if I loved the name (i.e. Phoenix or India)

    Additionally, I would be deterred by a nice name if it was also the name of a not nice place. Having grown up in central New Jersey I am always surprised when people, even if they're not from NJ, name their children Trenton, Camden, etc.

    I really enjoy place names but the more I look at them the trickier they become!

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    I live in Maine, which I actually have considered as a girl's middle name... the town is an obnoxious hyphenated name and neither parts would work as a name in my opinion. I think I would only use a place name if it had meaning to me but I DIDN'T live there, or at least not currently live there. For example, if I ever did use Maine as a middle name, it would only be after I had moved out of Maine. But I'm not in love with most place names anyway....

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    Not as a first name.

    My daughter's middle name is Arizona after the place, as it has meaning to us, but we didn't even consider it as a first name. I think it's a pretty cool middle name but it would be too much as a first IMO. Some place names are ok, like India (even though I wouldnt use it), Cairo, London (NMS though), Indiana ect.
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