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    Would you name your baby after the city or state you live in?

    We live in NC and keep running into little girls named Carolina. I like the name Carolina, but I would not use it specifically b.c we live here. So I wondered what other folks thought about this. Would you name your daughter Dakota if you lived in ND? Or Paris if you lived in Paris?

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    I moved around a lot when I was little. The first place I remember living is a fairly common boy's name, and after leaving all I wanted to do was go back. It's a place that has a lot of meaning to me, for various reasons, and I have considered using it as a name. I probably won't, but it has crossed my mind.
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    I have met a few girls named Brooklyn in Brooklyn! Now I live in Jersey and I haven't met one of those yet...but I'm sure they're out there! I like some place names with special meaning to me, but mostly place names work for me cause they stir up a feeling of nostalgia. I wouldn't use the place that I live cause I have no nostalgia for where I currently least not yet.

    I have heard children called the names of streets so near where they live as well, which is odd to me. I also recently realized that a boy I know named Lincoln goes to a school by that name! I also recently heard of someone I know having a niece named Albany.

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    I named my daughter Louisianna, an old name with family and dear friend references but of course almost a wonderful state's name and a Randy Newman song I LOVE about that state! so yes! I think with other writers that the place name should have meaning for you, but that said there are some beautiful ones ~ try this poem for a few!
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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Nope, never. Generally, I just don't think that this trend of place names haven't reached Denmark (yet). Some acquaintances of mine had an India a couple of years ago, but I think that's the only place name that has managed to somewhat break through here. Besides, Danish place names would never work (Middlefart, anyone?) I live on Amager which is an island within our capital, Copenhagen, and I don't think that either Copenhagen (little Copie? Haggie? Penny?) or Amager would do well on tiny humans.
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