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    Making lists for #3 on the way

    I have a boy named Christian and a girl named Eliza, and we're not sure of the gender of this one yet. I'm just trying to get a good basic list for each gender (we find out in 6 weeks).

    My name criteria:
    ~sounds different than my other kids' names (preferably a different ending than both)
    ~classic and recognizable, but not too trendy - and for some reason, avoiding the top 100 is more important to me for a girl than a boy
    ~our last name has a prominent "L" sound, so names like Calla and Willa, which I love, would be too repetitive
    ~not easy to nickname. I prefer to use full names.

    So far, my ideas:

    Girl: Leonore (too obscure?), Ruth (too plain?), Alice (too similar sounding to Eliza?), Rosalie (too Twilight? I love this name and I've never read or watched the series but I don't want the association)

    Boy: Beckett (very trendy but I like it), Seth (my favorite), Knox (too Jolie-Pitt?)

    What do you think? And any suggestions for me? The berries helped me name my daughter. :-)

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    For your girl name list:
    -Leonore is so pretty and I JUST added it to my favorite name list.
    -Ruth is a very bibical name and I love bibical names. The ones with meaning.
    -Alice is too similar to Eliza, like you said. It would've been a brilliant twin name though!
    -Rosalie is B.E.A.T.I.F.U.L. and you can always use a name regardless of its association.

    For your boy name list:
    -Beckett IS trendy, but hey, it's adorable.
    -Seth, personally, is way overused and I would never consider using it myself.
    -Knox is adorable and again, don't let associations bother you.

    Since we have similar taste in names, I'll give you a short list following your criteria. I love your names Christian and Eliza, by the way! :-)

    Girls: Sage-Xanna-Bay-Cozette (And if you decide otherwise about the repetitiveness: Zella-Calla-Tala-Lark)
    Boys: Boaz-Phoenix-Gabriel-Zevon-Grove

    Some MIGHT be able to be nicknamed, but it'll be tough lol. Sorry about this post being so long! Good luck!
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    I love Alice, but fear it is too close to Eliza. I also love Rosalie. Leonore is nice, but I like Lenore or Lenora better. Beckett is nice too.

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    Oooh, do Seth! I don't know a single one, but it really goes with your other kids' names and is super handsome.
    Names I enjoy:

    Girls: Lucy, Elena, Lake, Sylvie

    Boys: Jack, Eamon, Sylvan, Theo

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