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    I have lived in many places that are "name friendly": Rome, Atlanta, Savannah, Charlotte, Carolina, Georgia, Dallas, Austin, Beaumont, Katy, Aberdeen, Paris, London, Houston (I move around... A LOT)... and while all of the places sound nice as names, I don't think that I would name a child a place name that I thought that he or she would be living in, on purpose. However, I have thought about using several of the above names as middle or second middle names for sentimental reasons. I actually think it would be funny to say, "I am Savannah, from Savannah... " So I wouldn't necessarily not do it either. Just go with what you like. There is no guarantee Carolina will always be in Carolina...

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    Interesting question. I live in Adelaide and, no, I wouldn't name my baby girl Adelaide, even though I think it's a lovely name. However, my original home state is Victoria, which I would use! I think place names are okay, but not really if you live in that particular place (although I have a cousin named Alyce Victoria and she lives in Victoria). One of my favourite names is Elizabeth, but we live near a town named Elizabeth, which is not a very (how shall I say) socially viable town. My husband says no way to the name Elizabeth because, for him, it's too associated with the town!
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    I briefly considered Tennessee for a future little boy because my SO was born there. He nixed that idea. There are some names on my list that also happen to be place names, but we aren't associated with those places.

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    Haha, no, lol. Neither Liverpool nor Merseyside could ever be considered people names.

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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    Haha, no, lol. Neither Liverpool nor Merseyside could ever be considered people names.
    You don't think? Hmm...

    I've lived in so many different places. Most of them are big no's because the names aren't nice on people (London, Kensington, Islington, Shoreditch, Stabekk, Lyon, Marseille, Milano, Oxford), or because they're a tad tacky (Paris, Chelsea), or just not my style (Angel). Primrose and Florence are nice though, but I probably wouldn't use them on my children.
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