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    No, and I would hesitate to use even a city in my state that I don't live in which is unfortunate because I really like the name Everett. Pierce is another casualty for me...not a city but the county I live in.

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    Generally, no. But I was born in the city Olympia, and my mom and grandmother were both raised there, and I've considered using Olympia as a middle name for a girl since it has such special meaning. But that's only as a middle name, and I'd only use it if I wasn't living in the same state.

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    I considered the names Poppy, Callie or Calla for our 2nd daughter. In a way, it was to honor the fact that my SO and I are from long lines of native Californians. Mine being long-time Angelenos and his family having resided in San Francisco for the better part of a century.
    In the end they just weren't the right fit. But i'm all about honoring family in any creative way possible, and that includes the places where they come from, or have lived for a long time.
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    I unfortunately decided that I couldn't. Goodbye, sweet Virginia, from my list.

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    Nope. Absolutely not.

    I suppose I can make some concessions for people who live in towns that are named for a person and is a common first name. For example, if it's been your dream since childhood to name your child Virginia after your dear grandmother, and you just happen to live in the state of Virginia when you have a daughter---well, then I could excuse it.

    But honestly, it's rather low class to me to name your kid Dallas or something just because you live in and like the city of Dallas. People need to get out more.
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