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    Lyra or Isla? we can't Decide!

    we find out the sex of our baby in just 5 weeks, and I'd love to have this name settled so we can call him/her once we know. Our boy name is set, but we can not decide between two girl names that we love equally. Lyra Elowen is a name we have had picked since our first pregnancy which we lost. We did not name that baby, and will consider still using now. The other name is Isla Rosalind...we have also toyed with Romily as the mn with Isla. Please help us berries! We pronounce Lyra "Lie-ruh" instead of "leer-uh".
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    I have a soft spot for Isla. I also love Lyra, but that pronunciation might be problematic. Then again, Isla has a lot of pronunciation problems. I think both choices are lovely, but I would go with Isla Rosalind

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    Lyra Elowen is beautiful and unique. I automatically pronounced it lie-ruh. Isla is pretty too but I feel like its getting very common.

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    While I love both Lyra and Isla, I think Isla works better with Connor and Jack. Connor, Jack, and Isla are fab together!
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