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    Jameson Stanley?

    Looking for thoughts on the name Jameson Stanley. Last name is simple and short.

    Stanley is my dad's name, and Jameson is a play off James, which is my husband's dad's name, as well as my husband's middle name and his deceased older brother's first name.

    I know it's kind of a mouthful, but I'm hoping the short last name will balance it out.

    I'm a bit nervous about Jameson because:
    a) It's getting trendy
    b) I've heard it's occasionally used for girls and we want a strong, masculine name
    c) My grandmother will have a heart attack re: the whisky association (we don't mind the association)
    d) Nicknames are tricky. I'm not wild about Jim or Jimmy, but I know I can't control it. James or Jamie are fine.

    My husband loves it. I like it but I'm looking for reassurance.

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    javad Guest
    I think Stanley Jameson or Stanley James or James Stanley would be even better. I'm personally not such a big fan of Jameson as a first name (though I do very much appreciate that you have a family connection with the name and appreciate that you are gonna use it, though I much prefer James).
    If you don't mind James or Jamie as nicknames, I don't think you have to worry there, those are definitely the most straightforward nicknames for Jameson.
    And I wouldn't worry about the it-being-a-mouthful thing. I don't think it's a mouthfull at all.

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    Jameson Stanley is a very nice name. I love the meaning behind it. Jameson isn't feminine (James + son), so I wouldn't worry about that.

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    Jameson Stanley is a really good combo! Here in Australia there is no worries about the whisky influence it doesn't exist. I love all the family connections and I think that Jameson is a handsome name. You could nn him Jem if you like it.


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    I really appreciate your feedback. I'm interested in your (honest) reservations around the name Jameson. I can't quite picture a little baby named Stanley so I'm struggling with the idea of that as a first name, but I'd love your thoughts.

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