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Thread: Saving Lists

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    Saving Lists

    Sorry if there is already a thread for this, I have managed to create a new list and I can add names to it but cant get any other changes (name, description etc) to save. I have put the details in several times over the last few days but its still just saved as unnamed list. Any idea how to fix it?


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    I am having the same problem!! I can add new lists, but cannot edit or save them, or delete them, because it seems that I have made 5 tonight trying to figure out this problem. I tried to add names manually... None of that saved either. I just get an "error" signal at the bottom of the page.

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    Me too, every time I try and edit a list the changes don't save

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    Same here...the list feature is useless to me! The only thing it will do is save "Unamed List" with absolutely nothing in it and I can't even change the name. Very frustrating.

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    Pam & Linda are aware of this problem, they've been working on it. Hopefully it will be fixed soon....
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