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Thread: Mabry

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    What are everyone's thoughts on the name Mabry? (may-bree) I would occasionally call her Mae, but mostly Mabry. Also, what are some names that you think work well as a sister? I'm stuck when it comes to names that sound good with it. Thanks!

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    Like it, but prefer Mabel.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    I've always loved it, and I'm not even sure why!

    Juliet, Willow, Camilla, Luna, Genevieve, Lorelai, Clarice, Emmeline, Isla, Eloise, Amelia, Mabel, Aurelia, Lumina, Lavender

    Declan, Camden, Leo, Luca, Oliver, Rhys, Griffin, Milo, Yves, Rémy, Theo, Jasper, Gavin, Anders, Félix, Ollivander, Maxim

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    I think it works. I would go with a unisex, surname, or spunky name for a sister:

    Mabry & Rowan
    Mabry & Winslow (nn Winnie or Lola)
    Mabry & Quinn
    Mabry & Arden
    Mabry & Fallon
    Mabry & Hadley
    Mabry & Harper
    Mabry & Larkin (nn Lark)
    Mabry & Piper
    Mabry & Sloane
    Mabry & Zara
    Mabry & Gemma or Jessa
    Mabry & Greer

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    I love the name. However I think you should spell it Maebry. Otherwise people will always say Mah bry. Also can then be shortened to Mae.

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