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    @ milasmama: But isn't every individual's vision of perfection different? I know you didn't mean to offend anyone by that comment, but I want to add that most of these posters have these opinions because of their life experiences, therefore, their idea of having a perfect life is most likely different than yours. I'm sure your life experiences have shaped your parenting strategies and such. Whatever works for YOUR family is best. Just like dindlee said, some people are more secure than others.

    I hope I didn't come off as offensive!

    Now, for MY answer:

    I'm only 16, so no babies for me anytime soon. I think my main goals are to have a stable income, have finished school, and (hopefully) be in love. Marriage and owning a house aren't that necessary for me. As long as my child(ren) is happy and has stability in his or her life, I'm fine
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    At the moment my goals before TTC are:

    1. Finish getting my degree (which is set to happen in July 2015)
    2. Get married
    3. Be settled into a home (be it a house or apartment or whatever, I just want it to be a nice environment for children)
    4. Have a decent paying job that I have been at for at least a couple of years

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    I'm trying to figure this out right now, been dealing with some major baby fever for years, and lately it's just gotten worse....

    1) Be Married
    2) Have a stable relationship
    3) Own a home
    4) Finish School
    5) Andrew gainfully employed, and I accumulate enough hours for Mat leave
    6) Travel at least a bit as a couple

    Currently, we are engaged, getting married December of 2014, we have been together over 7 years. So right now, that knocks two things off the list. We are considering booking our first big trip together for Christmas of this year, and in 2015, we'll be taking our honeymoon after I'm done my diploma program. So that could be another thing off the list. I'm totally more than open to travelling with kids, and in fact I think it's a great idea, but I want some special vacations with Andrew too. With any luck, we should be buying a home in 2015, hopefully we will be able to start TTCing in late 2015/early 2016, though right now, it feels like that is a lifetime from now.

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    1) Be financially stable
    2) Be entrenched in a stable career path with excellent mat leave benefits
    3) Have travelled and seen the world

    I did all before we had our daughter. I'm still paying student loans, but it is a private debt with no interest......and amounts to a pittance of our income. We own our home (with lots of equity) and a summer home we just bought, have good investments on top of excellent federal gov pensions (yay Canada!). I am a lawyer and previously combined private practice with a lot of work in politics. The hours and benefits were terrible. I scratched the itch to run for Parliament (major check in the box), ran some campaigns for cabinet ministers and then went into the public sector where I have one year fully paid maternity leave. I lived abroad for years in my twenties and have had many fabulous vacations. I'm glad I did it all but also wish we had started a bit earlier, we want more than three children and the clock is ticking.

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    I won't be having kids for a long long time, but I already have some goals, listed:
    -Have a good education
    -Have a well paying job
    -Be able to support my family
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