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    I have few things on my list that need to be checked off before thinking about babies. Get married (check), finish undergrad (check), travel (haven't done a lot of this but planning a trip to Bora Bora next spring!) and the last step is having my husband graduate from medical school (one year left woo!). Hoping to start trying for baby #1 sometime during his first year of residency because I don't think I could wait 5+ years. I've only just recently caught baby fever

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    I think basically my only criteria (thought out in advance) was to get married. I didn't give a lot of thought to having children as a teenager. When I was engaged, my husband and I made a few plans, like... finish schooling and have some savings before we started TTC. Ha. Our thoughts have changed a bit on that. He's still in school, though I'm finished (although you never know...could still go back)...anyway, we'll see what happens. For me, something about getting married seriously flipped a switch. Now I'm obsessed with babies. It's a bit weird, and pretty unexpected.
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    For me, it was important to be married first (check - we got hitched last August). Before I met my husband, I had travelled and almost finished my second university degree. Travel and education were important accomplishments for me, too. Also, I wanted us to own our own home, which we do. My last stipulation was a baby before I turned thirty! Well, if we conceive this month, my due date will be five days after my thirtieth birthday, so that's not likely, but oh well.
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    I was not the kind to plan everything out, but I definitely wanted to get married first. I got my degree when my first was one and we bought our first home when he was 2.5. I have never traveled much (I've never even had a passport) but that hasn't bothered me. My husband traveled quite a lot growing up and I know he misses it. We go on a lot of road trips and camping and our kids absolutely love it. We are planning a trip to Thailand in a couple of years and will leave the kids with my Mom for a couple weeks. We would take them with us but the 18 hour plane flight sounds like a nightmare with children. I'm just saying that having kids doesn't have to stop what you want to do, for us it just slowed us down a bit.
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    Not a mami yet, but I wanted to be married first (whoo hoo, 39 days!) and before thirty (already 30 and almost 31, so that's not happening). I would have loved to own a home first too, but I've realized that while that's nice, it's not necessary. The almost-husband and I probably aren't going to wait too long before TTC so maybe I can still get my baby before 32....
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