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    I just wanted to say I think there is a difference between having a teasable first name like Peter, and a teasable combo like Brock A. Lee. I think it's fake myself. If it's not, maybe convince them to change the middle Brock Trevor Lee for example.
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    Well. That's ....interesting. I hope it's a fake out. I'm normally one to roll my eyes at teasable names (My experience as a teacher is that bullies target the child not the name), but this one seems pretty out there.
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    Oh no! I hope she's teasing you,but if she's not, that's a very unfortunate name. Not Brock, or Alvin, but rather the whole veggie-like package. And I disagree that the teasing would stop past grade one. If I met another adult named Brock Lee, I'd be amused, and I'd probably tell people about it. It's memorable, and funny!

    That being said, Brock is a good, solid name.

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