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    I honestly think they should reconsider.

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    Perhaps ask her to consider what she will tell him if he comes home from school crying because he was teased. I do not necessarily think one should avoid a name just because the child could be teased (Example, we named our son Peter which could lead to immature teasing). But unless the parents have a strong conviction for choosing that name, it might cause the family more stress than they realize. We chose our name because we love the Biblical connection, and we think it is a strong, handsome name. If our son ever gets teased, we will tell him about Peter the apostle and how he was the rock on which Jesus built His Church. If your sister does not have a very strong reason for wanting to use the name Brock, she might want to reconsider. If she has no other children, it might be hard for her at this point to imagine how much her heart will break if he is teased. Best wishes!

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    how do you tease someone with the name Peter?

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    Oh wow, i really hope you can make her realise that perhaps Brock isn't the best name for her son... Kids can be cruel and naming a child Brock Lee would be like handing the other kids ammunition on a silver platter. There are so many other great names out there, I wish you luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bettydogooder View Post
    how do you tease someone with the name Peter?
    It was a term for a male body part back in the day. Kind of like naming your child Richard nn Dick today.

    And I agree with the other posters that you should tell your sister how much her son will be teased in school. I think even small children will giggle at his name when it's called out in class. I hope she changes her mind.

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