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    Nephew's Possible Name...

    I am about to become an Aunt for the first time. With it not being my child, I know that I don't really have a say in the name, but I think my sister is setting her child up for a lifetime of criticism and ridicule. I am hoping I can get some advice on how to talk to her about the name, without it turning into an argument.

    My sister is expecting a little boy in Sept. She has chosen Brock Alvin for his name, which I actually really like. Alvin is our grandfather's name, so I am really excited that she is honoring him like that. The problem lies in the last name. My sister's boyfriend's last name is Lee, so for all of you who are saying the name all together, that would make his name Brock Alvin Lee or Brock A. Lee (Broccoli).

    My sister and her boyfriend think the name is cute, but I really think that it is setting him up to be made fun of all his life. We all remember "Roll Call' in class...

    What can I do to convince her that this is not funny and that it could really hurt him in the long run? Any thoughts?

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    I think she doesn't want to tell you the real name because many pregnant women feel sensitive to criticism. It sounds like a fake-out name to me.

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    If the "Brock Lee" sounds like "Broccoli" thing has already been pointed out to her, and she doesn't care, then there is nothing else to do but smile and love the kid.

    I also agree that she may be pulling your leg.

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    Talk them out of it! Brock Lee sounds exactly like broccoli said quickly. I wonder if this is a joke?
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    Definitely not joking... I have been trying to talk her out of it since she initially told me about the name.

    She doesn't think it will have an impact on the child, but I don't think she is thinking long term.

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