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    I have actually met a Cinderella! (I love my job, meet so many women with interesting names!)
    Tandoori just makes me think of food, but I could see the appeal if it weren't a food!
    Bloodrayne........ oh dear....
    Chrysanthemum, it's cute, but I would go for the more accessible Chrysanthe.
    Astoria nn Story is really cute in my opinion!

    Reason sounds like a virtue name of sorts?
    Ransom reminds me of a starship captain, but sounds almost a bit violent for a child??
    Walden, nothing overtly wrong with this name actually, just not my style!
    Thornton, Billy Bob?
    Lysander is a great name, but too feminine for my taste when it comes to boys, I opted for Evander instead!

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    Reason is one of my GPs for boys, too! I like it, but it's iffy, and I'd stay away from Ransom, but the rest of your boys' list is usable, IMO. Same with Astoria. Chrysanthemum is borderline, and I wouldn't want to be Cinderella, but I know there are some out there.

    Tandoori and left as GPs, no question. Tandoori does have a neat sound; maybe a name like Tanwen or Karuna would appeal to you. Similar sounds, not so foody.
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    Cinderella - This is one of mine too! It's beautiful but can you imagine how much she'd get teased? Even though she ends up with the prince?
    Tandoori - I've never heard this but I like it!
    Bloodrayne - Obviously isnt usable so I'm glad that its on your GP!! ahah
    Chrysanthemum - This is pretty but OTT
    Astoria - Astoria is beautiful! I think Astoria is the most usable on your girls list. It's pretty

    Reason - I like this too but would never use this. It's cool
    Ransom - I like this one too! Ransom... its just awesome. I wouldn't use it though either
    Walden - I think this one is usable! NMS but I would think it was pretty cool if I met a baby Walden.
    Thornton - I see why this is a GP for you. Its handsome but too surnamey and reminds me of the chocolate shop!
    Lysander - This is totally usable! I know 2 Lysanders actually. One is 17 (I think) and one is 4 months. They both wear it well and the older one likes it and his NN is Andy.
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