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    My Top Guilty Pleasure Names That Are Really "Out There"

    1. Cinderella
    2. Tandoori
    3. Bloodrayne
    4. Chrysanthemum
    5. Astoria

    1. Reason
    2. Ransom
    3. Walden
    4. Thornton
    5. Lysander

    What do you think?
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    Girls: I can't see Cinderella, Tandoori (just makes me hungry), Bloodrayne as legit names to use. Sorry. Chrysanthemum is pretty, though I don't care for the nn Chris/Kris/Chrys. Bellatrix is lovely, though I am sure you'd get lots of "LeStrange" Harry Potter comments.

    Boys: I actually really love Ransom, Walden, and Thornton. Lysander is okay, and I don't particularly like Reason but could perhaps be talked around to it.

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    I think Astoria, Walden, Thorton and Lysander could work.
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    Actually, I see all your boys' names as usable, some rather in the middle place, but they work. The most questionable one IMO is Reason. The meaning and the sound, too (rhymes with treason). But I like it best of them ??
    Your girls'... Oooo I have this secret love for Bloodrayne too (not so secret anymore), but I thought I was the only one. What is it with this name? Why do I like it, but wish I wouldn't?? Lol about Tandoori. Cinderella is cool, one of my GPs is Cinder. Oh, and Chrysanthemum, swoon.
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    Cinderella, Tandoori and Chrysanthemum (in Denmark, some of our deathliest fireworks are called "chrysanthemum bombs") would be a stretch. Bloodrayne sounds like an ASOIAF surname or house word, so obviously I think it's cool but probably a bit out there, perhaps it could be used as a middle (says the girl who's a sucker for Penn Jillette's daughter's middle name, Crimefighter). Astoria isn't bad, that could definitely work.

    I don't like either Reason or Ransom but the other three aren't too out there.
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