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    Reinventing Martin

    How would you reinvent Martin? DH has recently started talking about using Martin but he hates the nn Marty. Any ideas?
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    Do you mean just a nickname for Martin? Because I don't think just not liking Marty is good enough reason not to use Martin. If you don't like Marty, then just don't call him Marty. I know lots of kids (boys especially) who only go by their formal names, and it doesn't seem to be an issue. Or are you looking for an alternative name entirely? How about Marshall for an alternative?
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    Are you looking for a variation of Martin, a different but somewhat similar name or a different nickname?
    Art could be a cool NN for Martin.
    Mattin is an interesting Basque variation of Martin.
    Marcellus, Marcel and Marlon are all quite cool.

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    I think Martin doesn't necessarily need a nickname, but I also wouldn't be surprised if an aunt or a friend called him Marty without your OK. And Martin might opt for Marty when he's older. So if Marty really makes you cringe maybe you need to forget Martin. If you could handle a teenager who is Marty at school, I say go for it.

    Merit might be an alternate choice.

    Also, Martin James could go by MJ if you have family members who just need a nn!

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    I knew a Martin growing up and his parents called him Tintin due to the fact that he was fair and his hair always stuck up like the character. Of course, he reverted back to Martin when he matured!
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