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    A sister for Maeby

    As a long time reader, not much of a poster, my husband and I are finally getting ready to TTC our 2nd child. Of course, I have been thinking about a name for a sibling since my daughter Maeby Alana was born in August 2010. If it ends up being a girl, I am having a hard time narrowing it down to a few names. Maeby is unique and there are only a handful born each year, and I don't want to choose another name that is wildly popular and leave her feeling left out. My husband and I are both teachers so we see a lot of names and can be adverse to some because of students we've had. Our last name begins with F. Here are a few of my favorites:

    Marlow Simone

    Please let me know what you think and any other suggestions!

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    My favorite with Maeby is Rowan.
    I'd advise against Truly, or any other word-name, as it makes Maeby sound more like "maybe."
    Other Berries will probably vote for Willa, but Willa and Maeby makes me think, "Maybe? Willya?"
    Simone is a wonderful name. Willa Simone perhaps.

    Meredith? It's unisex, distinct enough from Maeby but shares the M.. Meredith Rowan or Meredith Willa

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    Maeby like Maybe? How do you pronounce it?
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    I like Mallory. How do you pn Maeby? I like the sound, but I hope correct pn isn't Maybe.
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    Mallory: This name is actually growing on me and I think it works with Maeby, myself, but could see people accusing matchy-ness with the M beginning and y endings.
    Maisy: Not a huge fan of this one, and this one, to me, IS too matchy with Maeby.
    Delaeny: I don't mind Delaney, but this spelling is weird to me.
    Embry: I think of this as more of a boys name, but it could work with Maeby.
    Rowan: I love Rowan, personally. For a boy or a girl. I'm just not sure if I like it with Maeby.
    Truly: This one reads way too matchy with Maeby. Maeby and Truly. Blech. Too much.
    Willa: I love Willa! Oh so cute and would definitely work with Maeby, but may not be as unique as you are looking for...
    Marlow Simone: I love this! So not my style, but it makes me grin I think Marlow and Maeby are a great sibling pairing.
    Elliotte: I don't mind Elliott, but the e ending is a bit much for me.
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