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    Both are fine, but I prefer Beatrice Violet

    Penelope to me has always seemed a little childlike

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    What do you mean by ruffly? Like too frilly?

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    Penelope May for me.

    I like Beatrice, but I don't love it the way I adore Penelope.
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    Quote Originally Posted by poppyflower View Post
    My husband and I haven't been able to split these two names. Which one in more realistic and will suit a child and an adult?

    Penelope May or Beatrice Violet.
    I dislike Violet, but I like combo Beatrice Violet more than Penelope May. Beatrice is cuter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by poppyflower View Post
    What do you mean by ruffly? Like too frilly?
    Hi Poppy, sorry. Ruffly... Yes I think of Beatrice as a strong, elegant name. Violet is very feminine but it's also got the strength of the buzzy-sounding V to give it heft. Does that make sense?
    Penelope and May both call up springlike imagery for me. Penelope makes me think of weaving and yearning, long fingers weaving tapestries, big doe-eyes gazing into the distance, long long hair... because of the story of Penelope. It has an elaborately feminine sound to me. The IE sound on the end gives it a lot of bounciness to counter the imagery. Also makes me think of big ruffled poppies. May is like the month of course, the floweriest month of all. It also tends to be used in old-fashioned Southern names, like Ruby-May, Billie-May, Sadie-May, etc. Those names always sound very young and sugary to me. So Penelope May has an unchecked floweriness to my ears. Not that floweriness always needs to be "checked," it's just my preference.

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