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    I cannot split two names

    My husband and I haven't been able to split these two names. Which one in more realistic and will suit a child and an adult?

    Penelope May or Beatrice Violet.

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    I think Penelope May would better suit an adult. The nn Penny can suit child/adult. Beatrice is nice, but I can't picture it on a child. And the nn Trixie just makes me think of a stripper. (no offense to those that like it!)
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    No nickname would be Bea for Beatrice but I would prefer her to be called Beatice in full if we used it. I'm worried about Penelope and its greatly growing popularity (we had it picked well before the K family used it). I wouldn't want it to be the next overused name in years to come.

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    I thought Beatrice was gaining popularity faster then Penelope?

    Sorry I'm no help they are both very nice names!

    Maybe just make one super name Penelope Beatrice Violet May

    If i have to pick I'd say Penelope- nn Penny for kid is much cuter then Beatrice and either name suits an adult.

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