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    Julia does have more zest to it than Julie.

    I think having Julia nn. Julie is more versatile.

    I was going to say Julie for Julie Andrews but she is a Julia! To my utmost surprise.

    Julia fits better your surname and allows for a zesty(Julia) or more tame version (Julie) and for the exotic Lia.

    Julia is such a classic that I don't think you could go wrong.

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    I prefer Julia. It always sounds slightly more feminine to me. Plus, Julie seems a little bit more dated whereas Julia seems more timeless.

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    I think Julie as a nn for Julia is totally legit - not ridiculous in the slightest.

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    I would definitely do Julia and call her Julie. I see what you mean about why use a name if you're going to call her another, but I think using Julia gives her the option of not having a nn when she's older. I've had several students over the years that stopped using childhood/common nicknames(a Kate who started going by Katherine, for example) when they got to high school because it suited their personalities.
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    I adore the name Julie. It feels like a perfectly legit, and lovely, full name choice. On the other hand, I see no problem whatsoever with naming her Julia and saying Julie.

    I'm a little in love with a previous poster's suggestion of Julia Sylvie, nn Julie.

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