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    Julie Vs. Julia . . . Preference Vs. Sound and Flow

    Yes, another post about this name, I apologize!

    I'm having (more) difficulty deciding between these names. We like everything about these names, but it's come down to one major choice for the fiance and I.

    - Julie Lahey (not my actual last name, but close enough) definitely does not have a great flow, but is PREFERRED.
    -Julia Lahey obviously has the better flow and the nickname Julie, but why give a person a name when they'll be called something else?

    We do LOVE both names, but do have a slight preference for Julie. So honest opinions, which would you use?

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    Julia, nickname Julie. This way you get to use both names and she has more options when she grows up. Also, it flows better (though I agree this doesn't matter)

    "why give a person a name when they'll be called something else?" - keep in mind that there's a really big chance that if she's Julie, people will assume she's formally Julia and vice-versa — the names are almost interchangeable in people's minds. Then, people may call her Jules or something else anyway. Unless we are talking about a truly independent nickname ("Margaret/Greta") I think this is a non-issue.
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    Based on flow alone? Julie Lahey. Because I keep getting caught up on the -ah at the end of Julia and the La at the beginning of Lahey. For purely selfish reasons, though? Julia. It's so classy and classic and regal and beautiful. I would love to meet (or have!) a Julia! (And honestly, Julie sort of just pales for me. Which is the real reason I would use Julia. )

    But honestly, as for a full name with a nickname thing, why do you have Alexander on your list, and not just a nn for it (which, I assume, at some point, he'll get a nn, whether it's Alex, Lex, Xander, Skandar, Alec, etc.!)? It gives options, and the full name looks good on a resume! I mean, I have a full name and I wish I had a nickname--I would have liked to have options, too. I'm a big proponent of options, but that comes from years of disliking my own name.
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    I'd say Julia Lahey, too, for exactly the same reasons sugarplum lists. Unless the nn is totally independent of the formal version, or sounds substantially different (like Jack from John), why not have the full name? People will assume she has something longer than Julie. She might really like having the more formal option to put on resumes, etc. and having other nickname options like Lia. I see Julia as a win-win. More flexibility for Baby, and you get to call her your preferred name all the time.

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    I also have a slight preference for Julie over Julia, but I think if I used the name I'd go with Julia nn Julie because I do like that it gives options. But I could also see how Julie might be easier if you really would always call her Julie. But I still think I'd go with Julia.

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