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    I've seen Nicole and Nicolette used as formal names for Co-Co

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    I think Coco is cute and works for any "Co" name. I don't think of Conan O'Brien - but I adore him so I don't think thats a bad association anyway. I think of Coco Arquette, Coco Chanel, and my sweet doxie whose name is Cocobelle (nn Belly). I think a "Co" first name with a "Co" mn would be overkill and too matchy. Good luck!

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    I know a lady named Colleen, who has gone by Coco for as long as I've known her (probably about 25 years)

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    Constance and Corisande are my favourites. Also, I love the nn Coco!
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    My name is Charlotte and I get called Coco.

    It could be a nickname for any "Co" or even any "C" name.
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