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    Talking Still trying to think of names for a boy

    So, after a few posts and more discussion getting us nowhere fast, I sent DH roaming through the boy forum postings for a while. We decided to try to think of names we could actually imagine calling "our son" and work from there. Seemed like a good idea. Out last name is Lewi$.

    William - still on the list, suddenly Will doesn't seem too bad but still hate Willie or Billy, still like Wim too
    Malcolm - DH - we both loved Mac as a nn, any other ways to get there?
    Sean - DH loved the idea of Sean Lewi$ and it does sound nice. What do you think of Sean (Shawn) William? Is it too boring?
    Marcus - DH again, Marcus Lewi$ doesn't thrill me but Marc isn't that bad, is it?
    Jasper - Jazz, Perry? Still, such a cool name
    Frederick or Richard - we both liked Rick and Ricky
    Nathan - Nate is cute too

    Topping the list are Malcolm, Nathan and Sean right now. We are so all over the place with boy names. May just find out if Bump is a boy or girl to avoid the insanity.

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    William: I also dislike Willie or Billy, but like Will. I think this is a solid choice if you just can't agree on anything else.

    Malcolm: I adore Malcolm, it's definitely my favorite on your list. I know a couple Mac's named Mackenzie and Maverick respectively.

    Sean: It's solid, but definitely doesn't hold the charm of your other name choices.

    Marcus: Marcus isn't a bad name, but I dislike how both his first name and last name would end with s's- it makes it sounds clunky.

    Jasper: Not sure if I love either of the nicknames you mentioned, they both seem like a stretch. I really like Jasper, though, it has a fantastic energy. It would be my second choice.

    Frederick or Richard: Both names are solid, but feel a bit musty and middle-aged to me.

    Nathan: Nathan and Nate are both adorable, and flow wonderfully with your last name.

    My top three choices would be Malcolm, Jasper, and Nathan.

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    William - I like Will as a nn, not sure about Wim - how do you pronounce it? Vim? Whim?
    Malcolm - DH - Malcolm is wonderful and I like the nn Mac. You could use Mac for Marcus.
    Sean - It does sound nice but definitely kind of unexciting compared to Malcolm or Jasper
    Marcus - Marc isn't bad, but you could use Mac. Not sure Marcus Lewis works with the s endings.
    Jasper - Jazz, Perry? Still, such a cool name - love Jasper, not Jazz or Perry particularly
    Frederick or Richard - we both liked Rick and Ricky - Frederick over Richard if you want to use Rick.
    Nathan - Nate is cute too - one of my favorites

    I think Malcolm, Nathan and Jasper are the top three.

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    I like:
    Malcolm - Handsome, you can do Cormac to get Mac too
    Sean - Nice, sounds great with your LN. I like Seam William
    Jasper- definitely a cool name
    Frederick- awesome name, unique but classic

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    William is my favorite on your list. I also like Nathan.

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