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    I think it's usable and very pretty — but if you are chosing it for the French flair, keep in mind that Esmé is a masculine name (the feminine being Esmée).
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    Esme is totally realistic! Gorgeous and stunning!

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    I think it's lovely and perfectly wearable! While there will always be that Twilight connection, I don't think it's a big deal--Esmé is kind of a background character, and if I met a little Esmé I wouldn't assume she was named after Twilight. I know a college-aged Esmé and no one bats an eye at her name.
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    Esme is totally usable and I think unlike some other names Twilight has ruined due to popularity eg. Bella the association has probably been a positive thing for Esme in America as it has put it on people's radar yet it still isn't over exposed! I think Mae is a great nn but it doesn't need one!

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