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    It is 1911 and you are a sixteen year old girl named Nora Elizabeth Alice Estelle Harrington from a wealthy family in New York. You live with your mother, Constance Geraldine Edith Harrington and one sibling, Thaddeus Walter Henry Sebastian Harrington. Your father, Walter Llewellyn Vincent Harrington died of a heart attack two years ago and ever since then your mother has never been the same. You have always been a very free spirit but have worked hard to improve your etiquette over the last two years for the sake of your mother.

    You are known throughout New York society as being a great beauty with your blonde curls, green and fair complexion. It doesn't surprise you at all when you start to hear whispers that a certain wealthy family friend, Walker Donovan Bauer-Cohen is plotting to marry you. You find this family friend revolting and arrogant and fully plan to turn him down, that is, until your mother comes to you and pleads with you to accept him in order to save your family from financial ruin.

    You don 't give your mother a direct answer but promise that you will consider his offer. However, that Christmas Walker proposes to you in front of everyone at the Christmas Ball. You are forced to accept in front of all those people, despite your reservations. Your mother is elated and immediately makes plans to travel to Europe with you and Walker the next month to pick out the finest dress and most beautiful decor for your wedding before your engagement party in the spring. You can hardly wait...

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