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    Top 5 Names

    Hey, all! I've been lurking around Nameberry for a long time now, but this is my first post.

    My husband and I are trying to conceive our first child, and we decided to start talking names now because it takes us so long to agree on anything. Our top 10 for each so far are...

    1. Ramona
    2. Annabel
    3. Juliet
    4. Margot
    5. Bianca
    6. Felicity
    7. Hazel
    8. Magdalena
    9. Penelope
    10. Fiona

    1. Felix
    2. Milo
    3. Simon
    4. Avery
    5. Samuel
    6. Quentin
    7. Marshall
    8. Alastair
    9. Grant
    10. Oliver

    What are your thoughts? Favorites? Any combo suggestions or suggestions of other names? We're considering using Scarlett as a MN for a girl, but nothing is set in stone. Any feedback will be appreciated! Thanks!

    ETA: Ooops...I meant to change the title. It's obviously my top ten names. Sorry!

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