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Thread: Top 5 Names

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    Top 5 Names

    Hey, all! I've been lurking around Nameberry for a long time now, but this is my first post.

    My husband and I are trying to conceive our first child, and we decided to start talking names now because it takes us so long to agree on anything. Our top 10 for each so far are...

    1. Ramona
    2. Annabel
    3. Juliet
    4. Margot
    5. Bianca
    6. Felicity
    7. Hazel
    8. Magdalena
    9. Penelope
    10. Fiona

    1. Felix
    2. Milo
    3. Simon
    4. Avery
    5. Samuel
    6. Quentin
    7. Marshall
    8. Alastair
    9. Grant
    10. Oliver

    What are your thoughts? Favorites? Any combo suggestions or suggestions of other names? We're considering using Scarlett as a MN for a girl, but nothing is set in stone. Any feedback will be appreciated! Thanks!

    ETA: Ooops...I meant to change the title. It's obviously my top ten names. Sorry!

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    Ramona - It's charming, but I can't quite get past the "moan" sound in the middle.
    Annabel - Cute with nickname possibilities.
    Juliet - Love this one.
    Margot - Like it, but it's not my style.
    Bianca - Pretty and family without being too popular.
    Felicity - Happy and friendly.
    Hazel - I've been growing to really like this. Lovely and evocative of the natural world.
    Magdalena - I like Magdalene a bit better, but it's still a pretty name.
    Penelope - Love this one.
    Fiona - Very pretty.

    Felix - It's not my favorite name, but it's charming and quirky.
    Milo - Love it. Very friendly and approachable.
    Simon - Love it. It's on my longer list.
    Avery - LOVE this for a boy. Such a handsome name.
    Samuel - This is one of my favorite names (as you can see in my sig). Such a wearable name for all types of people.
    Quentin - I like it.
    Marshall - Not my favorite.
    Alastair - Not my favorite.
    Grant - I like it a lot.
    Oliver - I'm over-saturated on the name Oliver.
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    Welcome to Nameberry, Cambria! Why don't you join us on the TTC 2013 thread over in the Momberries section? It's therapeutic to have other women to whine to about the woes of TTC. As for your names...

    Ramona: How can anyone not love this name after the quirky Ramona Quimby character in Beverly Cleary's children's series? The name itself feels wonderfully playful and quirky on a child, and works perfectly on an adult. For middle names I suggest something with a long O sound. I have a thing for repeating sounds in first and middle names. Ramona Lorraine, Ramona Joan, Ramona Josephine, Ramona Hope.

    Annabel: I prefer the spelling Annabelle, because I feel like it makes more sense. Annabelle is dainty and frilly, but something about it mildly bores me. Combo ideas: Annabel Sarah, Annabel Mira, Annabel Moira.

    Juliet is perfect and enchanting. Combo ideas that highlight the dominant vowel sound: Juliet Lucille, Juliet Ruby. Combo ideas that highlight the flowing L sound: Juliet Eliora, Juliet Melora.

    Margot is classy and refined and serious. I have a hard time picturing it on a child, but I know I'd love it if I saw it. Combo ideas that pair it with names that carry the same feeling to me: Margo Doris, Margo Rosemary, Margo Vera.

    Bianca is exotic, alluring, and very womanly. Combo ideas: I feel like it has to be paired with something Italian. Bianca Cadenza, Bianca Lucia.

    Felicity was one of my first name loves from the American Girl series. It is spunky and cheerful. Combo ideas with names that sound equally playful to me: Felicity Rae, Felicity Corina, Felicity Laine.

    Hazel sounds sweet, warm, and inviting, like all things hazelnut. Combo ideas that highlight that feeling to me: Hazel Noelle, Hazel Wisteria, Hazel Victoria, Hazel Nicolette.

    Magdalena is not my style, and I can't think of any names that would sound right with it because it's so far out of my scope.

    Penelope is another quirky one that is absolutely adorable. The only combo I can think of that I absolutely love is Penelope Belle. So much fun to say!

    Fiona is enchanting and whimsical, and I think it would sound best with a middle name with a long O sound in it: Fiona Opal, Fiona Rose, Fiona Rosaline, Fiona Gloriana, Fiona Monet, Fiona Monique.

    Other girl names you might like: Monica, Joanna, Gloria, Moira, Twila, Mabel, Stella, Theodora.

    Felix: I like it, but it feels a bit unsurprising. It wouldn't catch my attention on a boy. Combo ideas that I think sound good: Felix Martin, Felix Elliott, Felix Raphael.

    Milo: One of those cute, refined, vintage names. I feel like it needs an excessive middle name: Milo Theophilus ("thee-OFF-uh-lus"), Milo Leonidus, Milo Montgomery.

    Simon: This would be refreshing to see on a child. I don't know how popular it is, but I've never met a Simon in my life. Combo ideas: Simon Roy, Simon Lee, Simon Nicolay, Simon Jasper, Simon Abraham.

    Avery sounds soft and cuddly on a little boy, and classy and charming on an adult. Combo ideas: Avery Barry, Avery Orville, Avery Anderson.

    Samuel isn't my taste, because the nickname Sam is all girl to me now. If I were a boy, I would not want to be a Sam. Combo ideas: Samuel Lincoln (the L's could run together, but I do like the sound of it), Samuel Walker, Samuel Anson.

    Quentin is as cool as a boy's name can get. Probably my favorite on your list. Combo ideas: Quentin Forrest, Quentin Sanders, Quentin Finnegan, Quentin Phineas.

    Marshall makes me think of marshmallow. But I do like it. Combo ideas that highlight the R sound: Marshall Harland, Marshall LeRoy, Marshall Sanders.

    Alastair sounds a bit pretentious, but also glamorous. Ideas that carry that classy feel: Alastair Hamilton, Alastair Sterling, Alistair Montgomery, Alastair Granville, Alastair Baron.

    Grant is another favorite on the list. Short, quaint, antique, boyish. Ideas that carry that antique boyish feel: Grant Leon, Grant Benjamin, Grant Anderson, Grant Wilder.

    Oliver is too popular for my taste. Popularity has rendered it uninteresting to me. Combo ideas that highlight the O sound: Oliver Jonas, Oliver Thurlow, Oliver Owen (I love alliteration), Oliver Leopold.

    Other names you might like: Arthur, Albert, Bernard, Chester, Curtis, Dean, Dwight, Forrest, Greshom, Harland, Hudson, Judd, Leland, Miles, Nolan, Otis.

    Good luck!
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    My favorites from your lists are:
    Juliet, Hazel, Felix, Oliver and Simon
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    cambria812, welcome to Nameberry! I hope you like it here! Your naming style is lovely, classic-vintage and fun at the same time.

    Ramona- fun, spunky and with a touch of the dramatic
    Annabel- classic, beautiful and could hardly go wrong, but supposedly getting popular
    Juliet- glamorous, dramatic and stunning. love!
    Margot- sweet, down-to-earth, quietly charming. reminds me of Anne Frank's sister
    Bianca- nice, but seems a bit harsh
    Felicity- one of my favourite names! sophisticated, polished, upper-class-British
    Hazel- sweet, spunky vintage-chic
    Magdalena- exotic and ethnic, nice
    Penelope- sweet and peppy, ancient and historied but with a modern sound. also getting popular
    Fiona- nice, solid but a bit heavy

    Felix- this seems more suited for a dog or cat than a person, sorry
    Milo- same as Felix
    Simon- not sure why, but it rubs me the wrong way
    Avery- would be great to see this on a boy! modern and familiar
    Samuel- classic and Biblical, again, could hardly go wrong
    Quentin- dated but I think that actually gives it a certain charm
    Marshall- sounds like someone who would be friendly, open, and welcoming
    Alistair- vintage-chic, sounds like a professor's name or someone else very intellectual. lovely
    Grant- nice and modern, also friendly
    Oliver- my favourite of your boys' list by far. another quintessential British name
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