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    Like others have said, I think it depends on how close you are and how often you'd visit each other as well as if the last name would be the same or not. If you'd frequently visit each other it would be confusing at those gatherings, and having the same first and last name (plus being close in age) might cause legal identitiy problems down the road.

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    I have a younger cousin with my same first and last name. We only see each other maybe once a year so it has never been a problem. She is also an adopted cousin (my uncle's wife's daughter from a previous marriage) so it's not quite the same thing. We just get referred to by our first and middle names when there is the need to differentiate since our middle names are different.
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    Thanks everyone! We are working on finding another name but its tough because we have been calling our baby by name for two months. We are hoping to fall in love with another name as much as our original choice.

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    Talk to her about it. Is either one of you willing to choose a new name? If one of you is absolutely in love with everything having to do with the name and the other just likes it, then perhaps the latter should change.
    If neither of you is willing to switch, then it either becomes a) a battle of who is more stubborn or b) a compromise. Just settle that both of you will choose a new name.
    Best of luck!

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    I think it depends on your family dynamics. Personally I grew up in a large family where names were constantly being reused and we have several cousins with the same or similar names, and we can handle it. But when my sisters and I started getting married and having children, since there's only three of us, we didn't want our children to have the same names.
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