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    It doesn't seem that weird to me, especially if it's a family name (or otherwise very meaningful) or can be easily nicknamed in 2 different ways. Prob best to make sure your SIL is ok with it though, and prepare not to be offended if it bothers her.

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    Pick another name. Unless you really can't.

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    My brother and my cousin have the same name, but it's a family tradition. The youngest always goes by his first and middle so it doesn't get confusing at all: one is "Liam" and the other is "Liam James". However, they are 4 years apart and only see each other once or twice a year.

    Like people said, it really depends on the name and on the family dynamics.
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    Well, I have cousins with the same name, but it is a huge family. I personally wouldn't want to have to share the name. Is there anything else that you love as much?

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    My sister and I have worked out a name-sharing issue in advance.

    But the issue was family names (we have the same grandparents after all!). There are other names that are not family names we both like, but I don't intend to double up on anything or even be very similar unless there's a reason. Two cousins, one with an I.R. name and one with an R.I. name because their mothers stacked up on grandma-name variants isn't that weird to me at all, especially since we're not using the same variants. But us both picking out a distinctive and non-family name like, say, Penelope, (which we both love) would be weird.

    I would pick another name or at least move it to the middle spot, personally.
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