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    Cousins with the same name?

    My husband and I chose a name for our baby in the beginning of April. We are due at the end of August. My sister-in-law is due August 5th. I decided that we should make sure our names were different because we both like Bible names. It turns out that we chose the same name. Is it strange if cousins have the same name? I want our baby to feel unique and since we are due after her I feel that maybe we should change the name. Any thoughts?

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    If you want your baby to have a unique name then I would change it. Also, do you visit these cousins often? If there is a chance that you see each other a lot then I would change it. If they are cousins that live in another city, state, ect, and you almost never see each other, then it should be fine.

    Also maybe talk to them and see how they feel about name sharing.
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    If they will be around each other often, I would change it, otherwise, it could get confusing.
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    If it's not a family name, I'd change it.
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    Depends on if you see each other a lot. If you never see each other, then why bother using a different name. However, if you see each other once a week/a couple of times every month, I think it would be rather confusing.
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