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    It is not a problem if everyone is in the right frame of mind. We have in our family two sisters with sons with the same name.

    Good luck.

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    If I named my baby Mary and then my cousin had a baby and named her Mary, I'd be offended no matter how often I see her. There are thousands of name choices - choose something else.
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    Nobody owns a name. But, a name is probably not worth family strife. If nobody would be offended, and you rarely see them or could choose different nicknames, then it's fine. But you may find another name that you love even more. Keep your eyes open.

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    Do they share a last name as well? If so, I think sharing the same first name, last name and age is too much. It could cause confusion in the future for background checks & credit purposes. Also if you live in the same town or could potentially live in the same town years down the line it could be problematic in school...same grade/same name. I had a name stealing thing happen to me with my in-laws and would've still used it until I realized they would share a complete name!

    If the surname is different I think it's only a matter of preference. I think if it's a very classic Bible name, let's just use William for example, he will hardly be the only one at school or in any crowd. He could also be Liam while his cousin could be Bill or Will or Dubs go by his full name. Maybe one would even go by initials or a double name to the grandparents to set him apart. I say if it's a top 100 name with several nicknames you should go for it. If it's something more distinct and less versatile like Moses maybe the family only has room for one.

    Another option is to wait until your son's cousin is born and see how you feel. Start a back up list now. Maybe once you meet your son's cousin it will be clearer to you how you feel about the matter.

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    I think it'd be a little weird. I'm actually going through something similar. My aunt just found out she's pregnant, and she and her boyfriend have already decided on names. Catheryn Elizabeth for a girl and Spencer James for a boy. Spencer is one of my absolute favorite names, and so is James! I wanted to use those for future sons, but it might go to my unborn cousin. lol I know I sound ridiculous, but I'm weird that way.
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