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    Charlie, Denny and ....Archer?

    Is this a wierd paring?
    We already have a Charles 'Charlie' Vaughan, and a Dennis 'Denny' Frederick, all of which are family names. I was definatly a bit scared of using Dennis after my lovely adorable late Grandfather but I think as Denny it works.
    Anyway now we are trying to come up with a third it is much harder! We have the girly one (we think!) Clara Vivienne, but boys are proving hard.
    I fancy Archer Vivian (after the beach we got engaged) - the Vivian is my Dan and my Grandmothers middle name so I would like to use it for either. But I feel like maybe this is way off our naming pattern and might sound odd. Nickname wise I think it'd be ok, Charlie, Denny and Archie.


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