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Thread: Twin names!

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    Twin names!

    Well hello! I'm currently expecting babies number 5 and 6. My husband and I cannot seem to figure out names for these little ones as easily as we did with our first four. We have Truman Reed, Delaney Katherine, Charlotte Elisa, and Hallie Jane. Our twins are boy/girl as well. Here are the lists we have for the new editions!

    Baby Girl:


    Baby Boy:

    We also do not have any middle names for these little ones.

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    Congratulations on your twins!

    Of the names you've listed, I really like most of them. Savannah, Sadie, and Talullah are my least favorite from your girls list, and I dislike Fletcher and Deacon from your boys list.

    Some combos I like...

    Quinn and Dashiell
    Audrey and Dashiell
    Audrey and Spencer
    Ruby and Spenser
    Ruby and Milo
    Olive and Milo
    Stella and Theodore
    Violet and Theodore
    Violet and Declan
    Quinn and Declan
    Isla and Declan
    Isla and Dashiell

    As for middle names, do you want to use names already on the list, or are you open to other suggestions?

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    I'm open to other suggestions we just can't find anymore family names for middle names.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amydomsmom View Post
    Hopefully this is helpful. With Truman, Delaney, Charlotte, and Hallie I like: Isla & Fletcher or
    Violet & Declan (since Delaney and Hallie have the same ending sounds these would line up with Charlotte and Truman)

    Quinn- this one seems a little too unisex in my opinion
    Audrey- is very cute, but you already have 2 girls with names that end the same way. Would it leave Charlotte out?
    Savannah- I think using this other Southern place-name alongside Charlotte would feel like overkill
    Stella- a nice name, but doesn't seem to quite follow the same style as the rest of your kids/any of these new boy names
    Sadie- super adorable, but a bit too close to Hallie perhaps?
    Isla- very pretty, especially with a more Celtic sounding brother's name
    Olive- seems a bit too naturey and out of place with the siblings
    Ruby- really gorgeous and fits nicely, but again that Y ending
    Talullah- not my style as a name, but objectively sounds good with the others
    Violet- I do actually love this one next to your other girls names
    Lilly- It's not my favorite of your choices either way, but I prefer the Lily spelling

    Spencer- I really like this one actually. I think it goes great with Truman
    Milo- A bit more popular than any of your other choices, not sure if that bothers you?
    Fletcher- I love this! Even more so than Spencer I think, but surname names for little brother seem like the way to go if you ask me
    Deacon- I like Declan much better
    Declan- the -an would give it the same ending sound as Truman so that each of the boys had that in common. But probably only if you also use Violet.
    Dashiell- not my style, but would give you a unique ending sound
    Theodore- can't really go wrong with a classic, but would you want the only 2 boys names to both start with T?

    Thank you for this I would never have thought of those things unless someone pointed them out. With each of the kids their names are somehow related to family (honoring/variants) and with these two we could not find any family names for them.

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    First off, just looking at your girl names, my favorites are Audrey, Sadie, and Ruby. Just looking at the boys, my favorites are Spencer, Fletcher, and Declan.

    As far as twin names, I like Audrey and Spencer together or Ruby and Fletcher.
    I love Sadie, but I don't think it flows well with your other children for some reason.

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