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Thread: Ivory

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    I think of Keenan Ivory Wayans, I don't think a lot of people will make the connection, but I think it would be okay in the middle spot.

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    Me too...

    I think of Keenan Ivory Wayans and soap, and the song Ebony and Ivory.

    I think it would be fine as a middle name. Not my personal style really, but I don't think of it as odd or unusual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunshine.10 View Post
    As a middle name, Ivory is a beautiful, rare choice. I love it! I agree with you that it sound kind of homey, but in an elegant way. For some reason, it has the expensive & hunting connotations for me when used as a first name, but when used as a middle it reminds me of soft piano music. Are you comfortable sharing what first names you are considering? I'm just so curious, because I imagine they must sound really nice together!
    It's just a general consideration so we didn't really do any serious first name discussions. I don't mind sharing the names we did discuss though

    Estelle Ivory
    Zosima Ivory - he loves it, I'm thinking intricate vase.
    Rosalind Ivory
    Maude Ivory
    Tallulah Ivory - sounds a little random, but it honors
    Lilith Ivory
    Clotilde Ivory - personal favorite
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    I really like Ivory, and the colour is just beautiful.

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