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    Which Middle Name?

    I think this will be fun for those of us who can't decide between two combos for certain names.

    List a name with two different middle names and the next poster will say which one they like best, and maybe throw in a blurb of why, then list two more names.

    First Poster:
    Lydia Iris or Lydia Faye

    Second Poster:
    Lydia Iris

    Lydia Iris flows more and gives me a more whimsical vibe.

    Ian William or Ian Joshua


    Okay, I'll start!

    Cassia Eve or Cassia Jane
    ~ Catholic. College. Communicative Disorders. ~
    (updated 11/3/15)
    Saints, Classics, & Norwegian Boyfriend's Influence
    ~ Alice Georgina ~ Aurora Seraphina ~ Elizabeth "Elska" Cecilia ~ Genevieve Astrid ~ Juliet Sunniva ~

    ~ Caspian Alexander ~ Declan Raphael ~ Ronan Oliver ~ Sebastian Anthony ~

    Musings: ~ Charlotte Francesca ~

    (I'm using the soo-NEE-va pronunciation of Sunniva)

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