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    It's a lovely name but I also immediately think of the duchess of Cornwall and that ruins it for me personally but I love the idea of it A's a fn with the nn Millie.
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    I like it! I pronounce it kuh-MILL-uh. It's cute. And Millie's adorable!

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    Kuh Mill Uh. I do prefer Camille, which I have less associations towards and pronounce Kuh meal. Camilla reminds me of British Royalty. Somehow it also makes me think of cute little fluffy yellow chicks. Carmilla is kind of cool too. It reminds me of gothic novels, Mexico & candy.

    Despite the British Royalty and random baby chicken associations I think that Camilla is a nice name. It could be a way to get to sweet, bookish sounding Millie. Or spunky, tomboyish Cam. The long full name is pretty, familiar, not too popular.

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    I really like Camilla! It's so elegant and melodious. I'd pronounce Camilla "kuh-MILL-uh" and Camila "kuh-MEEL-uh." Millie definitely works as a nickname, but if I had a Camilla I'd call her Cilla (SILL-uh.)
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    I say Kuh-Meal-Uh and Kuh-Mill-Uh. I think of the Duchess that Prince Charles married (or did she become a duchess after she married him?) but that's not that bad. I think the nickname Millie could work.

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