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    Victor is a great name! I would never ever have thought of va-jay-jay. I don't know anyone who uses that term, and honestly I feel a little silly even typing it. When I hear VJ, I automatically think of VJ Day and the end of the war in the Pacific in WWII, but I'm probably a bit odd....

    Va-jay-jay is a relatively new term and not necessarily one that will stand the test of time. I wouldn't avoid the initials just for that reason, although I'm not a fan of initials as nicknames and would probably just go with Vic.
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    My son's name is Victor. It's such a friendly and spunky and all boy name without being super macho, and super international to boot - I love it. If you are really worried about VJ, maybe you could stick a second middle in there Victor _______ John __________?

    We use Vic sometimes for our Victor but we didn't plan to, it just suits him. Also sometimes VV, which are his first/last initials.

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