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    Talk to me about the name Victor and the initial VJ

    My DH has shot down any boy name ending in the letter -o; he just isn't a fan. He seems pretty set on what the options are if we were to have another boy.

    He has agreed that we will honor my side of the family this go around. His name choices are Marcus and Victor. My father is named Victor and I have a brother and step-brother named Marc. Of the two names I prefer Victor. We would use John as the middle name to honor my maternal grandfather. This name was brought up 3years ago when we were trying to find a name for our 3yr old. It was shot down by people on here because of the initials VJ. So tell me, do you really hear or think va-jay-jay, when you hear VJ? I have to be completely honest with myself when it comes to the name Victor, I will more than likely end up calling a little boy with that name Vic or VJ. My father goes by Butch. If VJ is a such a horrible nickname do you all have any other ideas of what could work with Rex and Troy? Some other Roman or Greek name that we could use as a cute nickname?
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