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    Unusual, pretty, and usable?....

    So my list is all over the place, I have not fallen in love with any combos so far. So new and refreshing names that of course will be accepted by society since our child will need to have a career some day would be so appreciated! The names I find are either too common, becoming popular or my boyfriend does not like them.

    So far I have (I will say I since I am more of the name nerd then him) are:
    Delilah Pearl
    Aurora Orchid
    September Rose
    September Luna
    Delilah Pearl
    Lavinia/Luvena- there are many different variations or international variations that can be used as well
    Estelle Ruby
    Ruby Poet- Ruby has meaning to me but I think it is becoming to popular.

    Thank you!
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    Hoping to have a little Ragazzo or Ragazza soon.

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