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    Believe it or not, Ida is a popular name in Scandinavia but I think they pronounce it differently in that region of the world ("EE-duh" as opposed to "EYE-duh"). I like the name - it has a lot of vintage charm and has great depth of character and history. The Normans brought this name to England though it virtually became extinct in that country by the Middle Ages. It was revived in the 1800's due to a Lord Tennyson poem which was later into a Gilbert and Sullivan play. I associate the name with actress Ida Lupino more than Idaho. If it's a family name and goes well with your surname and son's name, then I wouldn't hesitate to use it. It is a more "grown-up" name but remember we spend most of our lives as adults anyway, don't we?
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    I'm not a fan. It sounds very old ladyish, and sounds like you're saying a sentence too fast.
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    I should mention that the Ida I know pronounces it "eee duh".
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    I don't like it at all. Not sure what it is about it I dislike-- the 'eye' sound with the hard D, maybe? It just feels unpleasant to me. If you're not sold, Aida, Ada and Isa could also honor an Ida. It sounds like it's perfect for you, though.
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    Middle name only, for me.
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