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    Love Elizabeth, Rose and Wilhelmina! I'm intrigued by Gertrude (trudy/true) and Virginia (I adore Ginger!!) but I'm not sure I'd use them!

    My crushes and ongoing passionate name loves
    Angelica (flirtation)
    Isabeau (flirtation)
    India (flirtation)
    Lavender (flirtation)
    Lilac (flirtation)
    Wilhelmina (latest crush)
    Vivian (recent infatuation)
    Leontine (recent infatuation)
    Honora nn honey (long term flirtation)
    Bluebell (long term flirtation)
    Isadora (passion)
    Aurora (long term love)
    Mirabel (long term flirtation)
    Clementine (long term flirtation)
    Calypso (long term infatuation)
    Clover (long term crush)
    Pearl (long term crush)
    Delphine (long term crush)
    Odessa (long term crush)
    Anoushka (long term crush)
    Luna (long term crush)
    Marigold (long term crush)
    Matilda (love of my life... My daughters name

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