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    Girl name "Kesa" thoughts and perceived pronunciation?

    Hello, I've never posted here before, and I was wondering what others think of the name Kesa? Kesa is an anagram of a family surname that will not live on, but I would like to preserve the name in a modern way. I have one child with a top 50 name, and have never gravitated towards unusual names before. I am a teacher, and choosing a name that is easily pronounced is important for me.

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    I know a Jesa (JES-uh), so I'd guess KES-uh for Kesa. My BF just reminded me that we also know a Kena (KEN-uh), which reinforces KES-uh for me.

    ETA, for thoughts: I like the sentiment behind it, but I'm not sure if I like the name or if I'm pronouncing it correctly.
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    I would pronounce it KES-uh. I think it would typically be pronounced that way, too. It's an interesting name. I like the thought behind it.

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    My first thought was KES-uh, too.
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    I would pronounce like Tessa with a K. It may be assumed to be a misspelling of Kesha and does come across as a made up name but the story behind it may make it worth it.
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