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    What about Everett ? Love that name and it has the same romanticism that your girl's names have.
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    I love Edmund, the first on your list. I think it fits what you're looking for: familiar, not super common, surprising (because it's not Edward!), handsome, classic.

    I also REALLY love Frederick. Frederick William is lovely, masculine, and I think also fits your criteria.

    When I was skimming the suggested listes, the only ones I loved were Ambrose and Ezekiel. It depends if you want echoes of the sounds (vowels, -se like Eloise, and the L) or not. Frederick and Edmund would be more distinct from the girl's names. I love Ezra, too, but it's too close to Isla.

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    I have an Eamon, so I'm partial to that! I also like Edmund, which is basically the English version of Eamon, but I don't like the NN Eddie.

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    From your original list I like Edmund the best. Followed by Eamon.

    I would suggest:
    Oscar (my first thoughts when I saw your daughter's names)
    Adlai (definitely unexpected)
    Augustus or Augustine

    Good luck you have lots of great suggestions on this thread!
    One day...

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