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    Looking for unexpected, stunningly handsome fairly uncommon yet familiar boy names

    I have a hunch this baby might be a boy. Boy's names have always been harder for us than girls names. If this is a boy, he will be our first -- we haven't had to actually use a boy's name yet.

    Big sisters are Adelaide, Isla, and Eloise.

    We like names that aren't trendy, aren't too popular, but aren't too unusual either; however, I think we'll probably go with a boy's name that is higher in popularity than our girls' names (which all seem to be skyrocketing anyways!).

    Names we've tossed around: Edmund, Eamon, Charles . . .well, that's kind to it right now.

    Names we like but won't use for various reasons (popularity, already used by friend or family member, pronunciation, etc.): Liam, Josiah, Silas, Oliver, Matthias

    I almost decided that Jack was the perfect name for us until I realized that it rhymes with the first syllable of our 2 syllable last name, so it's out!

    So, can some berries help me out? Should this baby be a boy. I want a strong, handsome name that is somewhat unexpected, uncommon, yet familiar -- is that too much to ask? : )

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    Oh, just wanted to add that probable middle(s) are William and Frederick (this has been considered for the first name spot, it's our back-up in case we can't agree on anything else). These are both family names.

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    Alarik or Alaric would both fit this, although they may not sound fabulous with Frederick. Alarick(c) is unique while still being somewhat familiar due to the eric sound.

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    Eliza + Beatrix + Constance + Romilly + Clementine + Freya + Mabel + Agnes + Betty + Margot
    Felix + Ivo + Calloway + Walter + Linus + Otto + August + Hugo + Zebedee + Rollo + Phineas

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