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    @maltee - have you checked out The doctor thought my baby might be breech at 35 weeks, (but the scan showed he/she wasn't) so I was facing a possible ECV. It's a little scary but I hope yours is successful - if you haven't already, you might want to try some chiropractics, acupuncture, or inversions/exercises to see if he'll turn.
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    August 5th here so still 9 weeks to go. Up until last week I really didn't feel pregnant, now bending and sitting up are killing me along with the constant pressure in my ribs. But they said everything is on track for weight and size so yay. We just had our childbirth class and that was fun, but I'm so ready for August and baby to be here
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    Lovely to hear from other Summer mamas!

    Amelie changes her mind daily when it comes to being a big sister. Some days, she can't wait for baby to arrive so she'll have someone to play with. We've told her more than once that baby will be much too small and delicate for playing, but at only 4 years old, she doesn't really grasp what we mean. Other days she says she wishes she was our only baby. This is partially our own fault, but hopefully she'll adjust to it well.

    @lineska, how did your shoot go? Maternity photos are something I always wanted but never got around to doing

    @maltee, hope baby turns so you can avoid a section. My baby still wasn't engaged or turned by about 37 weeks but she turned herself without needing any help in the end.

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    @pinkballerina when I was pregnant with Hallie, Delaney and Charlotte did the same thing. True was "used" to becoming a big brother. When the girls saw Hallie for the first time, it was completely different. I think it is harder for them to imagine that it is going to change until they actually see the baby. We've been trying to explain to Hallie that there are babies in mama's tummy and that she is going to get a little brother and sister. She keeps throwing fits about it.

    Randomly last night, I got some tightening. It wasn't painful, but I could just feel and see it contracting. At this stage is when I started this with my previous four. Now since then I haven't had anything happen.
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    I love the names of your older four! Congratulations and good luck with your twins! Got any name ideas for them yet?

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