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    Lightbulb Summer 2013 Babies + Mamas!

    Similar to @Jemama's Spring thread

    I thought this would be a fun place for Summer mamas to chat.

    I'm due on the 10th of this month so only 8 more days left, I'm literally counting them down by the minute! I'm very uncomfortable, I have mild SPD and my braxton hicks have been ever increasing in intensity. Doing mundane household tasks are becoming impossible - Merely bending over causes me to feel like I'm suffocating as baby is pushed into my ribs.

    I'm measuring about 1 week behind which my hospital isn't concerned about, but I can't help letting it niggle at me. Baby is measuring small, but not small enough for them to be concerned in any way.

    I'm very excited to find out if we're having a boy or girl, staying team yellow was extremely hard and I don't know if I could do it again! I think we're having a boy - No real reason, apart from that gut instinct.

    How is everyone else doing? How are the May mamas (and babies) doing? Anyone else due a Junebug?

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    I'm due the day before you! I also chose not to find out the baby's sex, but I don't mind waiting so much. And I also think I'm having a boy, as does everyone else except for my mother.

    Aside from the horrific heartburn, I've been feeling pretty good! A little more tired by the evenings, some pelvic pain/pressure especially when walking, and had lots of BH contractions for the first time starting last night.

    My baby also measured small last appointment from the fundal height measurements, but I had a sono to check position just three weeks ago and the measurement was on-target. Apparently fundal height can be very inaccurate, depending on baby's position and how low they are in the pelvis. If I measure small again next week, I'll get another sonogram just in case I've got low fluid or growth slowed too much.
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    Well, I'm about a month behind you ladies...5 weeks to go. Just started getting some braxton hicks this week and getting generally quite a bit less comfortable, but hanging in there and trying to get some things done (house clean, baby clothes washed, stuff assembled) before it becomes more difficult.

    A friend talked me into having maternity photos done tomorrow and I'm stressing about that...I've barely taken any photos of myself this pregnancy and I'm just generally not a photo shoot person... but I guess down the road it'll be nice to have them. Anyone done photos/have tips?

    This is my first and we decided to find out the sex...I was positive I was having a boy the first half of this pregnancy but nope, she's a girl. Weighing in at 5 lb 1 oz at my appt last week which they told me was 51st percentile at this point.

    @pinkballerina, I love your daughter's name! Amelie Claire was a favorite combo of mine for ages, Amelie Clara is just gorgeous. How is Amelie feeling about being a big sister so soon?

    @leadmythoughts, you sound so patient waiting to find out! I love the idea of the surprise in the delivery room, but I'm just too much of a planner and too impatient to wait. Hope everything looks good with your next measurement/sono.
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    I'm due in August! We already know that we having a boy and a girl. And this is my fifth pregnancy. With my first four babies we did not find out the sex on the account of the fact Jason and I didn't really care, but with this pregnancy being most likely our last and being twins we decided to find out. We have no names for these little ones. I'm really excited to see them though. With it being a twin pregnancy, I'm measuring right where I should be for that which is nice

    @pinkballerina and @leadmythoughts congrats! Hope both your births go well and babies are happy and healthy!

    @lineska I have a July baby!!! I love them! It was also my first daughter who was a July baby
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    I have a Junebug! Baby is a boy and he's due June 21. I'm kinda worried because it's so close to the due date and he's still breech. I'm going in for an external version on Thursday, where the doctors are going to try to turn him manually from the outside. I've heard it can be painful. I'm hoping it's not too bad and that it's successful so I don't have to get a c-section.

    @lineska, all I can say is just enjoy yourself, and also try not to let the photographer push you into poses you're not comfortable with. I haven't done any maternity photos, but I've had other professional photos taken (graduation, wedding). The photos where I was in a natural pose (perhaps just tweaked a little bit by the photographer for the best angles) turned out so much better than the photos where the photographer put me into a pose that was not natural for me. Those ended up looking very canned and corny.

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