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    javad Guest
    Both of them are great names, and both go well with Louis. I personally prefer Oliver, but both are very awesome.

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    I adore Oliver, but with Louis I very much like Theodore as well. Teddy is a very sweet nn too, but I don't prefer Ollie or Theo. I think either way is a great option.

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    I like Oliver better. Bu I love the nn Theo!
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    Theodore is way more handsome than Oliver.
    And it works way better with mn Louis.

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    I like them both, Theodore is on my list and Oliver is not but I probably wouldn't use Theodore I just enjoy the sound of it. If Theodore would be called Teddy then I definitely 100% prefer Oliver, if he will have no nickname or be Theo then it's a much closer contest. Both names are strong, traditional, regal, and gorgeous. Good luck!
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